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Board Certified Allergist v.s. ENT

Seeing a general physician or ENT for your allergy care may not get you the optimal care you need when it comes to treatment of allergic conditions, even though they may provide "allergy shots."
When a physician graduates from medical school and completes residency, he/she is then considered "licensed."  This is a permit granted by the state to signify that the physician has completed the basic requirements of training.  This physician may be able to care for basic allergic symptoms and conditions.  However a "Board-Certified Allergist/Immunologist" denotes that the physician completed an additional 2 years of training to specialize in treating allergy, asthma, exzema  and a whole host of related immunologic conditions.  In addition, maintaining this specialized board certification requires the physician keep up to date on the latest treatment methods and findings through continuing education.
At Allergy Relief Clinics, Dr. Rafiquddin S. Rahimi is board-certified in allergy, asthma & immunology, in addition to internal medicine.  With this double certification, patients can have confidence they're getting the best care possible for their allergy, asthma and immunological conditions.
Allergy Relief Clinics

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