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The Best Ways to Prevent Allergy Attacks This Spring

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Ask anyone who suffers from allergy attacks and they’ll likely say it’s the most uncomfortable and irritating reaction from which 30% of U. S. adults and 40% of children suffer. Allergy attacks can happen all year round, but are more common in the seasons in which pollen counts are the highest.  

According to the Harvard Health Letter, at least 36 million people are affected by allergies and as the planet seems to be warming, globally, the seasons of warmth are extending, prolong allergy symptoms.  We here at Allergy Relief Clinics can work with you to make certain you enjoy life to the fullest and are able to enjoy the weather without problems brought on by allergic reactions and food triggers.   

What are some common allergies?

Some of the most common allergies are grass and tree pollen, dust in the air, insect stings, foods, pet dander, mold spores, and some medicines for treating allergies. Even though many people suffer with allergic reactions, especially children, there are many successful ways to treat these allergies. Knowing what your allergies are and how to manage your reactions is part of effectively managing allergies and preventing seasonal allergy attacks.

What is an allergy attack?

An allergy attack happens when the body builds up antibodies to respond to what it thinks is an emergency and sends these antibodies to protect the area in which your reaction occurs. Your system overreacts, and you begin to cough, sneeze, itch, and experience symptoms in your nose, throat, eyes, and skin. Allergic reactions can not only be annoying, but they can also interfere with your daily life.

Getting control of springtime allergy attacks

Most allergy sufferers know that spring is the time when mold and pollen counts are at their highest. It’s best to start your plan to prevent allergy attacks before symptoms actually occur and before allergy season starts. We’ve outlined some helpful tips to keep allergy attacks at bay this spring:

A variety of prescription and non-prescription medications are available that can help ease allergy symptoms. Starting treatment before allergy seasons begins is one of the best ways you can stave off allergy attacks. It’s recommended that you begin taking your medication about two weeks before you typically start feeling allergy symptoms.

Oral antihistamines, decongestants, nasal sprays, and combination medications work to control allergies and provide you with relief. See a specialist if you feel that your allergy symptoms aren’t adequately controlled.

Getting relief from your allergies

At Allergy Relief Clinics, we provide not only state-of-the-art care for your specific allergy needs, but we also offer a virtual visit via the internet with your health care provider.  If allergy symptoms are wreaking havoc and making you feel miserable, the right treatment can provide relief. To learn more about allergy diagnosis and treatment at Allergy Relief Clinics, call our Richardson, Texas office to schedule an appointment, or book conveniently online.

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