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The Most Common Allergies Kids Have


Sneezing, itching, coughing, watery eyes, and wheezing. Children’s allergies come in all severities and can be triggered by everything from weather changes to certain substances in food. They can lurk in the bed in the form of dust mites or blow onto the playground in the form of pollen. Some allergies are seasonal, while others plague children all year-round.

What are allergies?

Allergies are the body’s reaction to something that it perceives as harmful and dangerous. The body’s response is to guard against that danger by releasing an abundance of immune-related substances to fight off the would-be harm on the system. Children become allergic when the body develops antigens against a substance considered harmful and attempts are made to protect the body from harm.

Allergies are incredibly common in childhood. Roughly 40% of children in the United States have allergies. Learning what triggers your child’s symptoms is the first step to gaining control over allergies.

The big 8

Different types of allergies affect as many as 6 million children in the US alone. Of the different types of allergies, there are allergies to mold, pollen, drugs, insects, pet dander, and medications. However, allergies to food are the most common types of allergies from which children suffer.

The substance that causes the body to react is referred to as an allergen. Any food or substance in a food item can cause an allergic reaction. However eight foods, known as the “big 8’’ are responsible for over 90% of food allergies in childhood and those are:

Symptoms of food allergies in children

When parents think about food allergies, they often believe that their child will display digestive symptoms if they are allergic to a certain food. It’s important to know that food allergies can cause a wide variety of symptoms, inside and outside of the digestive environment. Additionally, symptoms can occur immediately after eating the offending food, or a day later -- referred to as a delayed reaction. Here are some food allergy signs to look out for:

Foods can cause serious allergic reactions, including swelling of the lips, eyes, and face. These symptoms require immediate medical attention.   

Common outdoor allergies in children

Reactions to tree and plant pollen are the most common outdoor allergies in kids. Children with allergies to pollen tend to have symptoms that strike in spring when pollen peaks in Texas. Symptoms to watch out for include:

Common indoor allergies in children

Pet dander and dust mites are the most common indoor allergens that affect children. Your child may experience symptoms such as:

Treatment makes a difference

Allergies can make your child feel miserable, groggy, and cause them to miss out on activities and school. Relief through appropriate treatment can have a profoundly positive impact on your child’s quality of life. If you suspect that your child has an allergy, schedule an appointment with allergy specialist Dr. Rafiquddin Rahimi at our Richardson, Texas office, or request your appointment online.

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The Most Common Allergies Kids Have

Children with one type of allergy often have multiple types, and certain allergies can be life-threatening. Knowing what common allergens to watch for can help you recognize the signs of a reaction.