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What Is Spirometry?

If you’ve been struggling to breathe, your doctor might recommend spirometry to help diagnose the issue. Despite the intimidating name, spirometry is a standard test that only requires you to breathe into a machine. Using the results of your spirometry test, your doctor can help you find a diagnosis and treatment plan for your breathing problems. 

At Allergy Relief Clinics in Richardson, Texas, Dr. Rafiquddin Rahimi has years of experience treating breathing problems caused by allergies, asthma, and other lung conditions. He can provide spirometry tests to help determine the cause of your breathing troubles and develop a personalized plan for treatment.

Spirometry basics

Spirometry is a standard procedure that tests the function of your lungs. This common diagnostic test works by measuring: 

These two measurements, combined with other data from the test, can help your doctor get a better understanding of your lung capacity, function, and health. If you’re suffering from breathing problems, Dr. Rahimi can use this test to determine the nature and severity of your condition. 

Spirometry can be used to diagnose various health issues, including: 

Spirometry is often done alongside other pulmonary function tests, so Dr. Rahimi may have further orders for you before he arrives at a firm diagnosis.

What to expect from your spirometry session

If you’re nervous about going in for a spirometry test, don’t worry. The procedure is entirely noninvasive and painless. At worst, you might feel a bit out of breath or lightheaded after breathing forcefully into the machine. Depending on your condition and lifestyle, you might need to prepare a little before the test. 

Smokers should abstain from cigarettes for at least 24 hours before taking a spirometry test. If you are taking bronchial medicines, you should talk to your doctor, and find out if you can stop taking the medication before going in. 

If you’ve recently suffered a heart attack or have an existing heart condition, you should wait for the go-ahead from your cardiac specialists before taking a spirometry test, as the exertion might endanger your health. 

Make sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing, and avoid eating a heavy meal before your test. You want your lungs to be operating at full capacity, and tight bras, shirts, and pants can interfere with your breathing. Though you shouldn’t feel any pain by breathing into the machine, you can let the operator know if you experience any discomfort during the test. 

To get a spirometry test done, contact our office at 972-435-0338, or make an appointment online.

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