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Are you a Texan that needs to see a Doctor urgently and are too busy or sick to hassle with the commute or waiting rooms?

Allergy Relief Clinics now offers the latest in the utilization of telemedicine technology to deliver convenient quality healthcare for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions.  Dr Rahimi is Board Certified in Internal medicine and has an extensive work history of treating adults and kids in Emergency Room, Urgent Care, Internal Medicine Inpatient and outpatient settings.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a safe efficient way to deliver healthcare via a real-time video visit on the internet with your healthcare provider approved by Texas Medical Board.


How to schedule a visit? 

What is a TeleVisit?

A TeleVisit is a virtual one-on-one office visit through the Patient Portal or Patient App. ‘Virtual’ (Tele) meaning that it takes place over an internet connection through a computer or cell phone. ‘Visit’ meaning that you will see Dr. Rahimi in real time to discuss your healthcare needs. He will be able to assess your symptoms and issues and make the necessary recommendations, including prescribing medications, ordering/reviewing labs and scheduling follow up appointments.


Why should I use TeleVisit?

We implemented TeleVisits to save you time and make your life easier (while still complying with federal laws). Instead of coming to the office for routine visits, you can simply now complete a 15 minute video call with Dr. Rahimi. This can be done from work, home or wherever you can find a private space with internet access! After your visit, we will electronically send your prescription(s) to your pharmacy and submit any lab orders to Quest or LabCorp. All school notes, action plans or information will be uploaded to your patient portal and available for you to view and print.


How do TeleVisits work?

  1. Register on the Patient Portal   
  2. TeleVisits can be done on a computer, tablet or cell phone.
  3. Download the Patient App: Available in the Apple App store and Google Play App store
  4. Click "Register" to create a new account

Client ID: P1757589


Connect to your visit through the Patient Portal. IMPORTANT: You will need camera, microphone and speakers.


Who can use TeleVisits?

Established patients ONLY

We currently offer TeleVisits for established patients only for routine follow up visits, medication refills, lab orders, lab results, and some sick visits. Please keep in mind that if you have symptoms or concerns that require a physical examination by Dr. Rahimi (such as chest pain or flu-like symptoms), you must schedule a regular non-TeleVisit appointment. We are not currently offering TeleVisits for New Patients but looking to add this feature soon.


Does my insurance cover TeleVisits?

Our office is working hard to identify all the insurance carriers that cover TeleVisits. We will be glad to verify your insurance coverage for TeleVisits for you, but verification is never a guarantee of payment. Please know your insurance benefits.

1. Medicare Patients: Are NOT eligible for telemedicine at all unless they live in a "rural" Zip code as defined my Medicare.

2. Aetna and Humana Patients: These commercial insurance will not allow TeleVisits. 

3. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas covers TeleVisits via insurance, but non-Texas plans do not so there is a cash rate.


How much is a TeleVisit?

$75.00 per visit, per patient is due at the time of scheduling the visit(s). If you schedule your visit using the Patient Portal or Patient App, you will need to call our office to pay before the visit. If we are billing your insurance for the visit, your copay, co-insurance and/or deductible will be due before your visit.

IMPORTANT: If payment is not received within 2 hours of the scheduled TeleVisit the appointment will be cancelled.

Can Dr. Rahimi see multiple patients at one time?

No. Due to how TeleVisits are scheduled, each patient will need to schedule a separate appointment and login through their portal or app. We can schedule back-to-back appointments for family members, but each patient will need to log in to their patient-specific portal.  

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