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Allergy Shots

Rafiquddin S. Rahimi, MD -  - Allergist

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Rafiquddin S. Rahimi, MD

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Dr. Rahimi is an expert in the latest safe and effective medications for treating allergic illness including allergy shots or immunology. Patients from Garland, Wylie, Plano, Dallas, and Rowlett, Texas can visit the Allergy Relief Clinic in Richardson,TX for treatment.

Allergy Shots Q&A

Allergy doctor Richardson TX

What are allergy shots?

Allergy shots are also called Immunotherapy. They stimulate the immune system to respond to allergens safely, effectively and naturally. A patient is given injections of small samples of a known allergen to help them build an immunity, training the body to increase its tolerance to a variety of allergens. This treatment is typically used when a specific allergy is identified and it cannot be avoided, or medications do not provide sufficient relief. These FDA approved injections include extracts from allergens, derived from the mold, pollen, animal dander, venom or dust mites known to cause allergic reactions.

How often are allergy shots administered?

There are two phases to allergy shots, build up and maintenance. During the build up, allergy shots are administered either every week or biweekly. The amount of allergen in each dose will gradually increase with each injection. The regular injections will continue until the maintenance level is reached. The shots are only needed every few weeks during the maintenance level. The injections are always delivered in office by a medical professional, as there is a small risk of an allergic reaction occurring. Dr. Rahimi and his team take the utmost care to ensure the safety of their patients while pursuing this course of treatment.

How long does it take for the shots to be effective?

Most patients receive maintenance allergy shots from between three and five years, although some may need treatment throughout their lifetime. While the immunity does not occur immediately, some patients do begin to experience reduced symptoms early in the process. In some patients, immunity is maintained and treatment can be stopped after a few years. For others, treatment may be needed for longer periods of time to build lasting immunity. Generally the benefits of allergy shots can last for many years, or even a lifetime.

What are the benefits of allergy shots?

When allergy shots are successful, the immune system is restored to good health. The patient will rely on fewer or even no medications. He or she will miss less work or school days. The burden of allergies is relieved, and the patient can live his or her life without having to worry about exposure and reactions. Most children and adults are eligible candidates for allergy shot therapy and women who become pregnant during the course of treatment can continue through their pregnancy.

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